About KryptoPhone


KryptoPhone is an encrypted smartphone that enables users to communicate securely. KryptoPhone enables users to make encrypted voice and video calls, send and receive encrypted messages and emails, and more. KryptoPhone is based on the latest BlackBerry KEY2 - the most secure Android smartphone with enhanced security and privacy features built-in. Kryptotel's encrypted communications suite combined with BlackBerry's secure smartphone makes a perfect bundle for a user concerned about security and privacy.
What is KryptoPhone?

KryptoPhone is an encrypted smartphone enabling users to make encrypted communications. KryptoPhone comes preloaded with encrypted communication suite developed by Kryptotel that enables users to carry out encrypted communications.

How does KryptoPhone benefit users?

With KryptoPhone, different communication types are encrypted & made secure for the user. A KryptoPhone user can make encrypted voice calls & video calls, send & receive encrypted text messages & emails, browse Internet safely & securely, protects your data from hackers & industrial espionage.

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Now some screenshots from KryptoPhone applications.

KryptoPhone v2 DialPad

Encrypted Voice Calls

Dial a Number

KryptoPhone v2 Encrypted Call

Encrypted Call

Encrypted Call

KryptoPhone v2 KryptoChat Text Messages

Encrypted Messaging

Text Messages

KryptoPhone v2 KryptoChat Group Messages

Encrypted Messaging

Group Messages

KryptoPhone v2 KryptoChat File Sharing

Encrypted Messaging

File Sharing

KryptoPhone v2 KryptoChat List

Encrypted Messaging

Chat List

KryptoPhone v2 Black Out Call

Black Out Calls

Secure Calls to Normal Numbers

KryptoPhone v2 Encrypted Mail Login

Encrypted Emails

Encrypted Emails

KryptoPhone v2 Sending Encrypted Emails

Encrypted Emails

Sending Encrypted Emails

KryptoPhone v2 Receiving Encrypted Emails

Encrypted Emails

Receiving Encrypted Emails

KryptoPhone v2 Auto Decrypting Emails

Encrypted Emails

Auto Decrypting Emails

KryptoPhone v2 Reading Emails

Encrypted Emails

Reading Emails

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KryptoPhone - The Encrypted Smartphone

Secure all your communications with KryptoPhone. Make encrypted voice and video calls, send encrypted text messages and emails. Secure your Internet browsing with KryptoPhone.

Connect to our network of servers

With KryptoPhone users can connect to any of our VPN servers located across 40 countries.