Black Out Calls

Black Out Calls

KryptoPhone enables users to make secure calls to phone numbers, to people who don't use a KryptoPhone. This is possible with Black Out Calls features of KryptoPhone. Black Out calls feature allows users to call normal phone numbers from KryptoPhone's secure calling application.

The call is encrypted and safe up to the interconnection point with the regular telephone network (border gateway).

From that point on the calling number is randomly set with a different number for each phone call. By continuously and automatically changing the calling telephone number it will be impossible for anybody to tap or intercept your telephone, because as said earlier, for every call you will be assigned a different telephone number. Furthermore this number is not linked with your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) therefore it will be absolutely impossible to trace your identity. The app shows an orange-green lock indicating the partial encryption used because you are calling a normal phone number.

Black Out Calls with KryptoPhone

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KryptoPhone v2 Black Out Call

Black Out Call

Secure Call - Partial Encryption

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