Encrypted Emails

Encrypted Emails

KryptoPhone has a feature for encrypted email communication. KryptoPhone enables users to send and receive encrypted emails with a military-grade encryption of RSA 4096 and AES 256-bits.

Emails in KryptoPhone work like any other standard email service but with added features of encryption and electronic signature to emails and attachments. Encrypted email communication with KryptoPhone is easy and simple to use, encryption and electronic signature is generated automatically by KryptoPhone.

Encrypted Emails with KryptoPhone

KryptoPhone v2 Sending Encrypted Emails

Automatic Encryption

Sending Encrypted Emails

KryptoPhone v2 Receiving Encrypted Emails

Encrypted Email Received

Receiving Encrypted Emails

KryptoPhone v2 Auto Decrypting Emails

Automatic Decryption

Received Emails are Auto Decrypted

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KryptoPhone - The Encrypted Smartphone

Secure all your communications with KryptoPhone. Make encrypted voice and video calls, send encrypted text messages and emails. Secure your Internet browsing with KryptoPhone.