Encrypted Messaging

Encrypted Instant Messaging

KryptoPhone has an instant messaging feature that enables users to exchange text messages, share images and videos, and other file types. Instant messaging with KryptoPhone has military-grade encryption of RSA 8192 and AES 256-bits algorithm.

Encrypted Messaging with KryptoPhone

KryptoPhone v2 KryptoChat Text Messages

Text Messages

Encrypted Text Messaging

KryptoPhone v2 KryptoChat File Sharing

Encrypted File Sharing

Share Images, Audio & Video files, Location.

KryptoPhone v2 KryptoChat Group Messages

Encrypted Group Chats

Create Secure Groups and send encrypted messages.

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KryptoPhone - The Encrypted Smartphone

Secure all your communications with KryptoPhone. Make encrypted voice and video calls, send encrypted text messages and emails. Secure your Internet browsing with KryptoPhone.