Encrypted Voice Calls

Encrypted Voice Calls

KryptoPhone encrypted smartphone enables users to make encrypted voice calls. Voice calls between KryptoPhones is encrypted with RSA 8192-bits and AES 256-bits algorithm. Making Encrypted Voice Calls is easy and simple with a KryptoPhone - a user just needs to dial Crypto Number of the user you want to call and hit the dial button, the encrypted call will be initiated.

Making Encrypted Voice Calls with KryptoPhone

KryptoPhone v2 DialPad

Dial Pad

Dial the Crypto Number

KryptoPhone v2 Encrypted Call

Encrypted Call

Encrypted Voice Call in Progress

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KryptoPhone - The Encrypted Smartphone

Secure all your communications with KryptoPhone. Make encrypted voice and video calls, send encrypted text messages and emails. Secure your Internet browsing with KryptoPhone.