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Kryptotel - The Company

The company behind KryptoPhone is Kryptotel - a Dubai based software firm specializing in secure communications and cyber security. Kryptotel FZ-LLC was founded in Dubai in the year 2010, and is headquartered in Dubai Internet City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Kryptotel has its offices in Dubai, Sharjah, Hong Kong and Seychelles. Kryptotel also works through its network of resellers and partners worldwide.

Kryptotel has proven expertise in development of secure communication applications. Our products are used by more than 25 million satisfied users worldwide. Having a core focus of developing solutions and products in the area of cyber security and secure communications, Kryptotel's first product was KryptoVoIP - a secure VoIP application for making encrypted calls, and sold as Service in the Cloud. Since then Kryptotel has launched a wide range of secure communication products and served a number of clients from government, defense, public and private sectors.

Kryptotel mainly works in the area of: Cyber Security, Secure Communications, Internet of Things Security, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain Technology.

More details about Kryptotel are available on: https://www.kryptotel.ae

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KryptoPhone - The Encrypted Smartphone

Secure all your communications with KryptoPhone. Make encrypted voice and video calls, send encrypted text messages and emails. Secure your Internet browsing with KryptoPhone.