KryptoPhone X for Government

All government departments and ministries the world over function privately and securely except of course for the information that is supposed to be for public. Governments usually are at greater risk when it comes to cyber attacks, hacks, or espionage which may not only lead to an informational leak but could also be detrimental for the country as a whole. Some ministries such defense or foreign ministries deal with highly critical information and their activities usually are highly critical and private. While defense ministry related departments deal with highly sensitive information of national importance, foreign ministries have their missions spread across the globe with whom privacy and security of the information and communication needs to be maintained.
KryptoPhone X helps government departments and ministries in maintaining secrecy and privacy of the critical information being transferred over the communication channel. KryptoPhone X uses a secure private network through which the communication packets are transferred from one party to the other which otherwise would have to be transferred through public networks. KryptoPhone X also provides an option to governments to have secure communication servers installed on their on-premise so they have a complete control over their communication. Qualified government departments can also receive source code of the secure communication suite. KryptoPhone X encrypts voice and video calls, text and multimedia messages, apart from helping in secure file sharing of different document types.

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The new KryptoPhone X - Smart, Stylish and Secure

The new KryptoPhone X is based on iPhone SE red and enables users to communicate in a secure and private manner. The secure communication suite in KryptoPhone X uses multiple layers of encryption and security protocols to maximize the security of the communication channels.

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