KryptoPhone X for Lawyers

Secure communication is important for every individual and professional, even so for lawyers and advocates, for whom communication is even more critical since there is lawyer-client confidentiality aspect added to it. Lawyers deal with all kinds of clients and each case is equally important and hence it is important for lawyers to protect the secrecy of the communication and information exchanged between them and the clients. Any sort of information leak could prove detrimental for the case, lawyer’s reputation, and for the client’s goodwill.
This is where KryptoPhone X comes to the rescue for lawyers. KryptoPhone X helps secure communication channels between lawyers and their clients. When both the parties – the lawyer and the client – use KryptoPhone X, the communication between them is encrypted and thus secure. On KryptoPhone X, multiple layers of encryption algorithms and security protocols are applied on different communication channels – voice, video, text, multimedia, and file sharing – making them highly secure and private.

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The new KryptoPhone X - Smart, Stylish and Secure

The new KryptoPhone X is based on iPhone SE red and enables users to communicate in a secure and private manner. The secure communication suite in KryptoPhone X uses multiple layers of encryption and security protocols to maximize the security of the communication channels.

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