Servers on Premise

KryptoPhone X enables users to communicate with peers in a private and secure manner, and the solution is available on our secure private cloud network and also deployed as an on-premise solution. Governments usually have extra sensitive information and need to meet some specific regulations and certain level security and privacy, therefore, we provide an option to our government clients to deploy secure servers on-premise which makes the security of the solution paramount.
With KryptoPhone X servers deployed on-premise, the government clients are in a position to retain all their data and are fully in control of the security and privacy of the data. Additionally, with having servers on-premise, the government entity would be in a position to outline it’s own user access policies, use an pre-approved firewall and anti-virus software, ensure periodic security patches to safeguard against any possible cyber attacks. On-premise solution also ensures that government entities are in control of both physical as well as network security measures and in compliance with their regulatory authority.
KryptoPhone X uses multiple layers of military-grade encryption and security protocols on all communication channels. The use of layered approach for encryption algorithms ensures that encryption key length is enhanced and thereby strengthening the encryption. With KryptoPhone X, users can make encrypted voice and video calls, exchange encrypted text and multimedia messages, and allow secure file sharing.

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The new KryptoPhone X - Smart, Stylish and Secure

The new KryptoPhone X is based on iPhone SE and enables users to communicate in a secure and private manner. The secure communication suite in KryptoPhone X uses multiple layers of encryption and security protocols to maximize the security of the communication channels.

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