The company behind KryptoPhone is Kryptotel, a Dubai based software firm specialising in secure communications and cyber security. Kryptotel FZ-LLC was founded in Dubai in the year 2010 and it works through a network of resellers, partners and affiliates worldwide.
Kryptotel has proven expertise in the development of secure communication applications. Our products are used by customers worldwide; some of our products have received more than 30 million downloads. VPN One Click. Our core focus relates to developing solutions and products in the area of cyber security and secure communications. Kryptotel's first product was KryptoVoIP - a secure VoIP application that has allowed our customers to conduct fully encrypted voice calls, sold as a service in the Cloud. Since then, Kryptotel has launched a wide range of secure communication products and served a number of clients, ranging from governmental entities to private individuals.
Kryptotel mainly works in the areas of cyber security, secure communications, Internet of Things Security, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.
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Years in Business

Kryptotel has been in business for over 10 years. It was established in 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Products Developed

Kryptotel has developed over 25 security-focused products and solutions since its inception.

Leading Clients

Kryptotel has successfully delivered solutions to over 20 leading entities worldwide.

App Downloads

Kryptotel's privacy-focused VPN service VPN One Click has over 30 million downloads.


The new KryptoPhone - Smart, Stylish and Secure

The new KryptoPhone is a fully encrypted iPhone SE that utilizes highly secure encryption technology to allow users to communicate securely. The secure communication suite in KryptoPhone has multiple layers of encryption that are set in place to maximise security and privacy during every call.

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