KryptoPhone X for NGOs

NGOs or the Non-Governmental Organizations work towards a specific mission and have their offices, staff and volunteers spread across the world. Some of the NGOs work in challenging environmental condition, hostile political situations, and often with limited resources depending on the type of mission they have. At the same the NGOs need to maintain integrity and confidentiality of communications and information among their staff and volunteers at all times irrespective of the location and conditions they work in and irrespective of the fact whether they work from their base office or on field or any remote area. In certain situations they cannot rely on the local communications infrastructure when it comes privacy and security of the communications, which gives need for an alternate platform for secure communications.
KryptoPhone X brings a perfect solution for NGOs whose offices and staff are spread across the world and need to communicate with each other in a secure manner and within budget. KryptoPhone X uses a secure private network to transfer communication packets in addition to multiple levels of military-grade encryption and security protocols which are applied to various communication types such as voice calls, video calls, text messages, multimedia messages, file sharing, etc. KryptoPhone X normally comes with a lifetime subscription of secure communication suite that enables users to communicate securely with their peers without worrying about recurring subscription costs and at the same maintaining highest level of security and ease of use.

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The new KryptoPhone X - Smart, Stylish and Secure

The new KryptoPhone X is based on iPhone SE red and enables users to communicate in a secure and private manner. The secure communication suite in KryptoPhone X uses multiple layers of encryption and security protocols to maximize the security of the communication channels.

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