KryptoPhone for Private Individuals

Online privacy and security is of utmost importance today, more so for private individuals who want to protect their communication channels, which can come under attack by a variety of threats, including hacking and surveillance.
High profile executives are at greater risk because their privacy could be compromised at any point by competitors or adversaries alike. Individuals whose work involves a lot of international travel and who have to communicate private or sensitive information back to their organisations are prone to hacking or espionage threats which may result in leak of critical information.
KryptoPhone helps private individuals secure their communication channels regardless of the geographic region the individual is in; it will enable you to make secure voice and video calls, exchange text and multimedia messages and share files while relying on a complex set of cybersecurity protocols from anywhere in the world.

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The new KryptoPhone - Smart, Stylish and Secure

The new KryptoPhone is a fully encrypted iPhone SE that utilizes highly reliable encryption technology to allow users to communicate securely. The communication suite in KryptoPhone uses multiple layers of encryption and security protocols to maximise the security of communication channels.

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